Office Mascot

Beau enjoys helping Tripp on Saturdays work on the office computer system.  He is a 8 year old red standard poodle.  His best friend is Gretchen our miniature dachshund.


Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

Christi is a graduate of Pima Medical Institute.  She is a self proclaimed medical nerd and loves all things medical.  She loves working in a medical office.  She has two adult children and lives with her husband of 31 years.  She has a dog named Moose and several cats.  

Cindy L. Wickline, MD, FACC


Dr. Wickline has 25 years of experience in adult cardiology.   She and her husband Tripp have a 18 year old daughter, Amanda Grace, two dogs, a cat,  and a bearded dragon.  When Dr. Wickline is not working in the office, she enjoys  nature and wildlife photography & crochet. 

Mountain Sky Cardiology, LLC


Certified Medical Assistant

Britta has been in the medical field as a Medical Assistant for over 17 years.  She is a graduate of Intellitec College in Colorado Springs.   She has worked in many medical fields, but she likes cardiology the best.    She has five adult children and lives with her husband and cats.    


IT Manager

Tripp is our resident computer expert and fix anything guru.  He is Dr. Wickline's husband of 20 years.  Besides helping at the office, he has his own handyman business & smoked barbeque business.